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Briggs and Riley Garment Bag Review – Which fits you?

Briggs and Riley Garment Bag types:

We reviewed these bags to help you decide which is the best for your needs.

This brand is as known for its reliability as it is for its distinctive design. Every product they make comes with a lifetime warranty, which is quite amazing to be honest: if you have any problem any time, their customer service is there to help you. Their exclusive designed bags are sophisticated and the high-quality material is just increasing the feel of luxury.

This bag is a compact and lightweight tri-fold garment bag, and you can use it as a carry on for sure. The bag is made of 1680D ballistic nylon, which is known as one of the most durable and lightweight material. This bag will resist wear, water, dirt and abrasion for sure.



For an easy transport, there’s a slip-through back pocket to allow the bag to slip over the handle of another suitcase. Of course, the back pockets can function as regular pockets as well.

The front zipper pocket is designed to hold smaller items like keys and important documents, and the main compartment is able to hold 2-3 thinner suits (or 1-2 thicker suits). In the main compartment, there are zipper pockets for undergarments, belts, laundry, and a toiletry kit, and there are two special foam-centered panels for your shoes as well.

This garment bag measures 12 x 24 x 22 inches, weights 6.61 pounds, and can hold clothes and accessories enough for a 2-3 day trip. To gain more space, the bag is expandable.

The bag comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a huge plus. It’s very reassuring to have a lifetime warranty for the bag: I prefer to buy goods with decent warranty because if any problems arise, I know there will be a solution. For details on the specific warranty, please read the description of the product.

Customers are highly satisfied with this product, though some mentioned that they don’t like that the bags don’t stand on their own.

All in all, this garment bag can be a good choice for people who need to travel with suits several times and like to travel with ease of mind.

Unlike the Baseline Domestic Expandable Carry-On U122Cx-4 type of suitcase, which is very similar to this one, this garment bag has a removable compartment specially designed for suits and dresses. Unfortunately, this suitcase is not expandable, so I’m afraid you have to choose between the expandable version and the non-expandable, but more garment friendly version.



This suitcase garment bag can be used as a carry on. Although the dimensions are slightly different from what the manufacturer says, it will fit in the carry on sizer if you push it a little bit and if you do not pack the external pocket full. (The details of the dimension are below.)

This bag is available in black, navy and olive greenish colors and the high-quality 1680 Denial nylon fabric resists wear, moisture, dirt, and abrasion. Because of the 1680 denial fabric, the bag is durable and lightweight at the same time.

The bag has two compartments: one is a garment holder section and one is for the rest of your clothes and accessories. The garment holder section fits 1-2 suits for sure, but if your suits are thin, 3 suits should work as well. The garment bag and main bag unzip separately, which keeps things orderly and also makes it extremely easy to get to a change of clothes quickly. The main compartment has shoe bag slots.
This garment bag features several handy pockets: there’s an outside pocket for frequently used items and inside the bag, there are mesh pockets for toiletries. Also, you can create a hanging shelf by attaching garment bag hook to the exterior of the bag, since the straps will form an angle to create a ‘shelf’ from the packing section, still allowing full access to garments.

Handle and wheels
The handle is made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum and stops 4 heights ensuring you to adjust the most comfortable position. The bag has 2 conventional, roller wheels, which means that the wheels are more stable in place and can not be damaged like spinner wheels, which break more easily. The disadvantage of the 2 wheels solution is that it’s a bit harder to manage, as you can pretty much only move it back and forth. Because of the 2 wheels, the bag is lighter than the 4 spinners wheeled bags though.
The supporter on the bottom of the bag is also very practical: this way the bag will stand alone, won’t tip over or touch the ground. I really find this useful, because I don’t have to clean the bottom of the bag all the time.


The bag comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a huge plus. It’s very reassuring to have a lifetime warranty for the bag: I prefer to buy goods with decent warranty because if any problems arise, I know there will be a solution. For details on the specific warranty, please read the description of the product.

Customer experience

Customers are very pleased with the product, and they highly recommend it, they had no bad experience or disappointment so far.

Note on the dimensions
According to the manufacturer, the bag measures 9 x 22 x 14 inches and weighs 9 pounds, but if we measure carefully, the bag has slightly different sizes. Instead of 22” tall, the bag is 21.9” tall, and it’s not 14” wide but 13.9” wide. I guess, the manufacturer just rounded up the numbers to make it simpler. Although instead of being 9” deep, in the reality the bag is 9.25” deep if include the outside handle as well. In theory, it can cause problems to use it as a carry on, but to be honest, as long as it fits the sizer, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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