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Vera Bradley Garment Bag Review – Women’s Travel Bags

We made a Vera Bradley Garment Bag Review to find out if they really worth the attention. We also made a pro and con list to help you see the differences.

The Vera Bradley brand is beloved by many because of the beautiful designer styles. These bags are designed especially for womens, that’s why all of the bags are easy to carry, stylish and come with a ton of handy features.

This super light duffel-like garment bag designed escpecially for professinal womens and for those who like to travel with style. The bag designed for multiple purposes: it can be used as a regular travel or tote bag, but it can be used as a carry on garment bag as well.



Due to its microfiber fabric, this stylish duffel garment bag enables you to travel light and with an ease of mind. The water-repellent fabric is a huge plus at this bag.
The advantage of this soft-sided garment bag is the flexibility: if you have a ton of clothes and items, the bag might be bulkier but it will hold them, and if you have just a few items, the bag will be thinner.
This way, this bag always adapts to your needs wherever you go.

This garment bag comes in three colors and patterns: the black one lends you a modest, professional and elegant look, the red one with flowers gives you a special and feminine look, while the blue one with squares creates a sporty and youthful look.

The removable and adjustable shoulder strap comes handy if your bag is heavy or you need to carry other bags and suitcases as well. With the shoulder strap this bag is a great garment bag, and without the strap, you can use this bag as a usual bag.

This bag is 12″ x 22″ x 3″ inches, the maximum length of the strap is 48.25″, and this means, this bag is a great carry on. If you travel by plane, this bag can be a good choice.

The external zip pocket is created to store smaller, frequently used items like phones or documents, and the interior features two zip pockets, four hanger loops.
The back of the bag there’s a trolley sleeve which comes handy if you carry a suitcase as well. If you don’t need this sleeve, you can zip shut and use it as a normal pocket.
Also, there’s a hook for hanging the bag and make packing easier.

Customers praise this bag. They love the high-quality material and craftsmanship and they’re thankful for the multifunctional design of the bag.

This high-quality Vera Bradley hanging garment bag is ideal for those who’d like to travel light but need a high-quality bag for their garment’s protection.



The unfolded bag measures 50″ x 23.25″, and if the bag is folded in two, it is 25″ x 23.25″, which means, it’s slightly bigger than the official carry on size. The bag comes with a 5 inch top handle drop, and with a 48.25″ shoulder strap.

Due to its polyester microfiber texture, this garment bag offers you a super light and comfortable place for your garments. The bag also features two exterior pockets for your smaller items: one of the pockets is created to store your jewelry and the other one at the front is for your frequently used items like phones and wallets.

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